Top 50 facts About Garena Free Fire


1. Garena was innovated in 2009, but it was only in 2014 that the company set up its own plant to start developing gaming titles. This 5- time interval, still, was important for the company to understand the request demands.
2. Free Fire is a game popular for being suitable to run on indeed the most introductory phones. Game was especially developed for weaker tackle mobile phones.
3. Free Fire was developed with the Unity plates machine, a gaming creation platform from Unity Technologies.
4. Latin America is the region of the world where Battle Royale is most popular.
5. Garena revealed that it has further than 300 inventors on its platoon
6. Free Fire introduced the notorious Brazilian DJ Alok in 2019 as a character.
7. Garena produced a song with DJ alok that came the theme of the Free Fire World Championship of the same time, the Free Fire World Series.
8. The game had a cooperation with Joe Taslim, a martial artist and star actor. The game entered the playable character named Jota, inspired by Joe himself.
9. One of the characters is a beautiful and talented songster named Kapella. But did you know that Kapella just turned 22.
10. A aggregate of 450 million registered players in Free Fire game.
11. A aggregate of 50 million peak diurnal active druggies on Free Fire.


12. suckers showed their presence in the Free Fire World Series.
13. Free Fire recorded a whooping 270 Million views on its live sluice of the World Series on YouTube.
14. 13 Million players watched Free Fire pro league Brazil 2019 on Youtube.
15. Profit of Garena Free Fire was nearly 90 Million USD in first quarter of 2019.
16. The first fact about Kalahari in Free Fire is this is the lowest chart compared to Purgatory or Bermuda. As for why this chart was created small is because it was designed for further violent battle between the players.
17. Kalahari is a chart acclimated from one of locales in Africa, which is the Kalahari Desert.
18. There are 13 locales or metropolises that you can find in chart Kalahari in Free Fire.
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20. As a desert area, Kalahari has numerous hills that you can explore. This makes Kalahari in Free Fire has its own oneness as we know that Purgatory and Bermuda aren’t have enough hills like this chart.
21. Each match is 10 MIN in the game and 50 players land on an islet in the game just like our 50 top data on Free Fire. ( See what we did there;))
22. FREE FIRE was the most downloaded game in 2019 and the game was also awarded the‘ Stylish Popular Vote Game‘.
23. The character of this game also has special capacities with the help of which you can win.
24. Vietnamese game inventor 111dots Studio developed a FREE FIRE game. Game testing began in September 2017.
25. The beta interpretation of FREE FIRE was released on 20 November 2018 and the game was officially released on 4 December 2018.
26. Free fire has a standing of4.1 on google play store out of 5.
27. There are 24 characters in total in Garena Free Fire, and each of them has their own special capability.
28. Free fire has a aggregate of 3 charts to play in.
29. Bermuda is the oldest and the most played chart in Free Fire.
30. Download size of Free Fire is 578 MB nearly.
31. Players can play Solo, Duo and in outfits.
32. Bike is the fastest vehicle in Free fire.
33. The only vehicle that comes from airdrop is the Monster truck.
34. M4A1 is the most habituated AR gun in Free fire.
35. Airdrops substantially land in the middle of the safezone.
36. AWM is the most important gun in the game.
37. VSS is the only gun which comes with apre-installed compass.
38. Groza is the stylish AR present in the game.
39. M249 is the gun with the biggest magazine capacity of 100 pellets.
40. Airdrop can kill you if you’re hit by one of them. So stay patiently until they land or it’ll bring you life.

Last 10 Top Data on Free Fire
41. One can see how numerous players are spectating him on the top right corner.
42. Landmine losers are veritably good politic outfit to kill adversaries while going on protective strategy or to get time to heal.
43. Bank walls are veritably good to save one from getting run over by vehicles.
44. Grand master is the top most rank in the game and utmost prestigious too.
45. Purgatory chart has zip lines which makes it veritably accessible to make movement into zones.
46. One can eat mushrooms to increase their boost. Mushrooms are plant in open green fields.
47. One can buy pet creatures from shops. These faves move with players
during a match.
48. One can’t maraud the clothes of the killed adversaries from their spoil jalopy.
49. Free fire world series 2020 has prize plutocrat worth RS 1 crore RS.
50. The biggest compass in Free Fire is 4x compass.

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